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Sunny Bastards

Madlock's "A flame inside" CD (lim. DigiPac)

Madlock's "A flame inside" CD (lim. DigiPac)


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In 2008 the Madlocks released their first sign of life with Riot on the SN-Punx label. 8 years later, the band, which was founded at the turn of the millennium from the Volxsturm & Maul-Halten environment, is back with the new longplayer on Sunny Bastards! 14 songs that consciously oppose the current trend of German punk rock bands and prefer to quote The Clash, Buzzcocks or Cockney Rejects with their own touch and a certain charm! The opener Attack of the Nazi Ufo's up to Hail the economy shows, in addition to the musical catchy tunes, that the Madlocks also take a different path lyrically with their biting, cynical playfulness: songs like Beer not dead, Let's dance are simply amazing Fun and back to the roots! This means that the Madlocks will probably never rise above insider tip status and refuse every trend! But wasn't this attitude exactly what punk once was? Sunny Bastards 2016
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