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Lion's Law "A Day Will Come" LP (black / re-press)

Lion's Law "A Day Will Come" LP (black / re-press)


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LION'S LAW manage to spice up the unmistakable French melody touch that we love so much about all the "Chaos en France" bands with English lyrics and a good portion of hardness. The result is a skinhead album like something out of a Richard Allen novel: wild, aggressive, with a lot of heart and soul, passion and the dirt of the street. The band lives what they sing: "out every night, the backstreet kids are looking for a fight" is something you believe about the Parisian skins, but not others (anymore). If they're clichés, then they're real.

Support came from Komintern Sect and Stomper 98.


A1 Antisocial

A2 It's A Shame

A3 Every Night

A4 Lafayette

A5 For My Clan

A6 On The Terraces

B1 I Don't Give A Damn

B2 One By One

B3 Hard Way

B4 Media

B5 1789

B6 A Day Will Come

(UVPR / Contra 2021)

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