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KrawallBrüder - In Dubio Pro Reo CD

KrawallBrüder - In Dubio Pro Reo CD


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(Our friends from southern Germany have developed into one of the best skinhead bands in Germany in recent years. They are now masters of instruments and know what they have to say. On their new album they surpass everything they have done before. Rock guitars, correct German lyrics about the scene, life and justice, as you can easily guess from the name of their new album. KB 2005)


KrawallBrüder - Our hymn to ourselves
Youngsters - We're probably all still going to bully people as much as we can into old age
For a friend - In thoughts of Michael Guckenbiehl, our old guitarist who left this world on December 29th, 2002
Proud in your skin - And more color please
Too late for us - a love song, perhaps the best song on the record
Blood for blood - Because everyone gets what they deserve...
Second home - Our tribute to the East, our East
In Dubio Pro Reo - At some point the last person realized that you just can't get caught committing crimes, then everything will be fine...
Half human half animal - as it is deep inside everyone
Here's to us - Everything that comes to the table after a night of drinking comes together in a hymn
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