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Riot Brothers "Blood, Sweat & No Tears" CD (10 tracks)

Riot Brothers "Blood, Sweat & No Tears" CD (10 tracks)


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(The KrawallBrüder are ringing in the 5th round of their work with "Blood, Sweat & No Tears" and not exactly quietly. Three years have passed since the "11th Commandment", which probably shows everyone that there is no need to record an album To bring out the pressure. This impression is confirmed when you hear the first chords, because nothing has changed and you can immediately hear who is at work here. Every song is aimed at the twelve and hits have always been very important to the Saarlanders. The production is kept extremely transparent and so the bass and drums push everything away cleanly, while the guitars and vocals come across really clearly for the first time. The final touch was given to the album by the godfather of mastering Alan Douchese, who otherwise works for bands like Hatebreed, Terror or Sepultura are responsible. There isn't much more to say, you either love or hate the brothers and this album only consistently continues the path that the Saarlanders have been following for 19 years. The DVD that comes with the limited digipack edition and the vinyl box available exclusively from the KB Records and Bandworm Shop contains 75 minutes of material from the brothers in top form, there won't be a dry eye in the room... KB 2012)

About the songs:

1. Intro
2. Tomorrow the World - Traditional KB opener where everything and everyone gets what they deserve
3. Me and your life - The butcher at work
4. As far as the wings carry - scene anthem of the record
5. The One You Call Friend Today - Melancholic number and somehow a sequel to the audience favorite "Too late for us"
6. If you want - let the animal out
7. Blood, Sweat and No Tears - The namesake of the record
8. A new day - ...the shadows are getting longer
9. As long as we are like brothers - what belonged together has come together
10. Drinker - seen from two sides...

CD in jewel case standard version with 10 tracks

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