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Kärbholz - You are king, you are free! MCD

Kärbholz - You are king, you are free! MCD


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Full throttle rock'n'roll round 4! As soon as album # 3, "Mit Leib und Seele", was released in 2009, KÄRBHOLZ are dynamically moving forward and are already working on the next long player, which will reach the home stretch next April.
The "Du bist König" CD single, a 5-tracker with an attached video clip, provides a rapid foretaste of this. The title song, a biting, gripping message to the hidden winner in all of us, opens as the official boss anthem. A second studio song, "God's Work and Devil's Contribution", is exclusive to this release and will not be included on the album. There are also 3 KÄRBHOLZ rockers in excellent live versions, recorded at their GOND performance in 2010 and also exclusively represented here. Powerful, melodic, KÄRBHOLZ. The boys' private preferences are clearly reflected in the KÄRBHOLZ sound; the colorful palette ranges from VOLBEAT, RANCID, JOHNNY CASH to the TROOPERS, ONKELZ and back. Solid street rock with painless German lyrics: full throttle rock'n'roll version Bergisches Land.
As a visual bonus, the band has included a brand new video in HD quality on the disc. Accompanying this release, KÄRBHOLZ is starting a headlining tour through Germany in October/November 2010, roaming our republic from north (Lübeck) to south (Bad Friedrichshall).


1. You are king
2. God's work and the devil's contribution
3. Here! (Live from GOND 2010)
4. What I want (Live from GOND 2010)
5. My Way (Live from GOND 2010)
+ Video


After 3 full length releases, Germany's KÄRBHOLZ is back with a hot rockin' teaser! "Du bist König" contains 5 tracks and a video clip in HD Quality: The title track is taken from their forthcoming fourth album (release date: spring 2011), "God's Work and Devil's Contribution" will be exclusive on this release and finally there 3 exclusive live cuts from their appearance on GOND festival in 2010. The KÄRBHOLZ sound based on powerful German Street Rock, topped with kickin' Punk Rock basics and some different influences. Think ONKELZ meets TROOPERS meets Johnny Cash meets KÄRBHOLZ . It's varied, it's authentic and it's completely straight ahead. They call it "Full throttle Rock'n'Roll" and they are damn right!

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