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Junto "Live to tell" EP 7" (lim. 200, black) + MP3

Junto "Live to tell" EP 7" (lim. 200, black) + MP3


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(The injuries from the 2016 debut have just scabbed over, so the next step is unerringly. Left leading hand, killer jab. The format is disappointing: unfortunately only a 7 again. Only four songs again. After 12 thrilling minutes the battle is over. JUNTO from Seattle, Est. 2015, are obviously just warming up, aren't rushing anything... There's huge potential, a complete album would definitely have Knock Out strength. American Street Rock'n'Roll with Troublemaker qualities, Victory meets Bonecrusher. Midtempo Singalong liver hooks with the right melodies, grim rowdy chants from an evil throat. Barbed wire meets sandpaper. No riff too much, everything fits. Contra 2017)
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