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Jons,The "Walk towards the people" EP 7" (lim. 250, silver)

Jons,The "Walk towards the people" EP 7" (lim. 250, silver)


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(Like fathers, like sons or the apple grain doesn't fall far from the counter: while their fathers have achieved legendary status with Cock Sparrer and are reaping great laurels, McFaul Junior and Burgess Junior have dedicated themselves to gentle Britpop. Their joint formation The Johns more reminiscent of Oasis than Sparrer, the debut "Walk towards the people" 7" contained 2 tracks and comes with a digital download code (which contains two more songs and a video). Pirates Press 2010)

(Debut 7" by these british youngsters, led by Tom McFaull and Jack Burgess (sons of Sparrer's Colin McFaul and Steve Burgess). "Walk towards the people" deliver two passionate Britpop tunes. It's more Oasis than Cock Sparrer, but it works. Comes w/ digital download code of this two-song single as well as two additional previously unreleased tracks and a video. Pirates press 2010)

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