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Rough stick - Indomitable CD

Rough stick - Indomitable CD


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The Grobe Knüppel is coming up with a new album, or to put it in the band's words: "Put the gas down and don't bend over."
File under: German-speaking hardcore from the class of 1992 with the crossover patent as a graduation. Biohazard, Pro-Pain, Body Count, Suicidal Tendencies were the godfathers, this is where the roots lie.
The result is convincing: 12 huge tracks in the best crossover style, dominated by a striking vocal performance and delicate guitar work. The execution is of the highest standards, and even skeptical fellow musicians pay aweful tribute. Almost every song initially develops its own note, only to then ultimately adapt to the overall concept: the opener comes as a fat Slayer-style double-bass thunderstorm "Mit Vollgas auf die Wand", a heavy riff bulldozer ("Unter Vultures" ) shows respectful-dangerous Crowbar reminiscences, a speedy neckbreaker ("Who protects us from you") is reminiscent of an Exploited/Blood for Blood combination and "A Face" even reminds of early Cypress Hill. Lyrically one feels obliged to the legacy of the Dead Kennedys, Biafra's cynical rebelliousness against state Big Brother simulation games. Required then as now. Snappy, brutal, unbending: “Your fucking freedom is lying trash!” The GK 2010. And don't forget: "A little ass (is quickly licked)". Asphalt 2010


1. hit the wall at full throttle
2. Pure, pure, pure!
3. be tough
4. the pipe
5. who protects us from you?
6. a small ass (is quickly licked)
7. I'll hold you tight
8. a face
9. Stay strong
10. no means no
11. with God in the heart and the devil in the body
12. among vultures


File under: Crossover-Hardcore assault! On their new album "Unbiegsam" the GK try to create another "Judgment Night" (remember that monster of a soundtrack, released back in 1993?), to collect and melt some different Hardcore & Metal styles to a heavy Crossover masterpiece. " A face". 12 variedly tracks full of aggression and anger, the mighty return of 90's style crossover hardcore! The lyrics are completely in German, but they're follow the burning spirit of Jello Biafra and the the rude way of GGAllin: cynical attacks vs. Society, Big Brother, the Government and obscene comments about genitals. Hard words and hard-ons.

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