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Panel, The "The Fifth Ace" CD (DigiPac)

Panel, The "The Fifth Ace" CD (DigiPac)


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(German rock with a heavy Onkelz touch (late phase), a cross-section from gentle ballad sounds with personal lyrics to hard rock riffs with grim statements. "Freely according to the motto "Don't shut up" it goes through the world! In the Lyrics, feelings, emotions and the truth unite, day and night shake hands" (band info). For joy from Störtepriester, Onkelz etc. DIY 2012)

(Hard rockin' (late) Böhse Onkelz type stuff, range from ballads to straight kickin' tunes, sung in German. For fans of Böhse Onkelz, Störtepriester etc. DIY 2012)

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