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Spirit of the Streets

Breakfast break "Balla Balla to Walhalla" CD (lim. DigiPac)

Breakfast break "Balla Balla to Walhalla" CD (lim. DigiPac)


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Altenburg Bizarre! The Scumfuck Punk Rock Party from Skat City explodes in the fifth long play round, “Balla Balla nach Walhalla” (subtitle: “Voll. 5”) comes up with 12 pogo hits from the slippery fun punk sector, based on cheeky -frivolous non-PC attitude. In the spirit of the “Kings of Balla Balla”, RUDOLF'S REVENGE and similar stupid divisions of the late 80s/early 90s. And of course the well-known scumfuck grandmaster LOKAL, P&G etc. as well as the holy pun Zampanos THE CASHIERS. At BREAKFAST BREAK there is no gentle counterattack, but rather a strong counterattack: with sharp-tongued sarcasm, the “Cunt Tick” is linguistically examined, Geronte is comforted, the “Prollgast from Wolgast” is sent to the stars and Helene F. is belted out an unwanted sad serenade. So if you don't have anything to laugh about, you'll definitely get your money's worth with this album. Happy on the go with “Tail Pacemaker” and “Angela Ferkel”. Extreme diaphragm gymnastics, punk rock sexism - yes thank you! By the way, the Spirit of 69 was derived from the Kama Sutra. And ultimately: “ESMI: I don’t have to give a shit!”

Only 500 copies on vinyl: 150x in pad white, 150x in sleigh pink and 200x in lightning blue

1.) Pussy tick
2.) ESMI
3.) Prollgast from Wolgast
4.) The city where I was a skinhead
5.) Department Store Ribbon
6.) Hacked mercilessly
7.) I am brown
8.) Punk rock retirement home
9.) Sexism
10.) It was summer
11.) When I drink beer you cry
12.) Provincial Girl (CD bonus track)*
13.) Osama am thirsty (CD bonus track)*
*The CD bonus tracks are also included in the MP3 download included with the vinyl LP.


Our XXX Adult cinema proudly presents: The Scumfuck Punkrock Party from the Skat City Altenburg explodes in the fifth Long play round, "Balla Balla nach Walhalla" deliver 12 Pogo Rockets out of the Fun Punk Zone, based on a naughty-frivolous non-PC -attitude. Sorry, non-German speaking folks, it's all about sharp-tongued sarcasm, you'll miss the point. But hey, it's quite amusing Punk Rock here, maybe it works without the lyrics. Just enjoy the music and put your own dirty thoughts into it.

500 vinyl copies made: 150 on Tampax white, 150 on piggy pink & 200 on drunken blue. The CD version contains two bonus tracks (also included in DL code of the LP)

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