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Informal “The Wrong Way” CD

Informal “The Wrong Way” CD


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(The debut of a young band from Thuringia. Angry - powerful - loud, they go to work here and combine clean pogo templates with nasty metal riffs and one or two quiet numbers. In terms of vocals, Formlos also have a clean heaviness and don't need to pretend to hide the big name in the scene. In terms of genre, it goes in the direction of German rock without wanting to be the umpteenth copy. Fresh blood with fresh lyrics and views on topics that may not be to everyone's taste! The band is at the top in terms of playfulness and a clean beat , partly refined with double bass, paired with great punk rock riffs that don't lack the hardness, also solo-technically Formlos dig deep into the nitty-gritty and thus offer a good basis for the rough singing. Burnout 2013)
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