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Foiernacht "Written with my blood" CD (DigiPac, limited 1,000)

Foiernacht "Written with my blood" CD (DigiPac, limited 1,000)


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FOIER NIGHT! “Almost a year after “Time stay still” the pen was diligently taken out again and 15 songs of madness were put on paper. 3 months of tough and lonely studio hours were worth it - "...written with my blood" is the most personal album in the seven-year history of FOIERNACHT - love and hate, reaching for the very last straw, body art and of course a summary of many a night of drinking give you a never-before-seen insight into the life of the band..." (singer Seppo in the original sound). Somewhat surprisingly: FOIERNACHT even have RANCID parallels in their sound, whether through the voice or the playful bassline, which you wouldn't expect. Perfect complement to the strong local influences (UNANTASTBAR fans will particularly enjoy it!), the ballad parts also tend towards Campino/DTH. Conclusion: Young, fresh punk rock sound from South Tyrol. Sympathetic and down-to-earth. Just try it out and then form your own opinion. CD version in DigiPac sleeve.

1.) Stamped
2.) Written in my blood
3.) To hell and back
4.) Feel the fire
5.) Way too often
6.) When will the time come?
7.) There on the horizon
8.) Destroy yourself
9.) One last sip
10.) The last one to forget
11.) What lasts forever
12.) Fed up
13.) 13
14.) I keep fighting
15.) Forever

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