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Spirit of the Streets

Eastside Boys - Real Heroes CD (DigiPac)

Eastside Boys - Real Heroes CD (DigiPac)


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When it all began! The first (and now almost legendary) album was created in 2002 in the cozy south of our republic and gives us rocking street punk (or "Oi! Punk Rock'nRoll" as track 3 is) with the famous EASTSIDE BOYS label: delicious Texts with crisp sound. Not yet as sophisticated as their current material, but the trail has already been laid and various songs from "Echte Helden" still play happily in the BOYS' live set in 2009. 13 songs from the good old days, as great yesterday as they are today! In keeping with the musical feast for the ears, BROILERS frontman (and EASTSIDE BOYS buddy) Sammy Amara designed a completely new cover artwork for the re-release. As usual, the CD itself comes in a stylish Digi Pak design and the CD bonus track "Günther Netzer" is once again responsible for the crowning finale.

1. Machine gun
2. The brain moves
3. 26 hp
4. Oi Punk RnR Saxon Switzerland
5. A new liver
6. Love song
7. Behind your back
8. Old friend
9. In the army
10. Philosophers
11. Walk with God
12. One of many
13. Gunther Netzer

The first (and long de-leted) album by the famous EASTSIDE BOYS now back on the map! With complete new artwork (done by BROILERS own Sammy Amara), so it looks absolutely incredible! This classic stuff contains some of their mighty ever greens, so you'll have a laugh and for sure another laugh. Yep! The BOYS owns very unique lyrics, a very special sense of humor and a big passion for good rockin' streetpunk! Enjoy the EASTSIDE BOYS!

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