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Dirtsheath "Same Old Shit" 7" EP + CD (lim.100)

Dirtsheath "Same Old Shit" 7" EP + CD (lim.100)


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(“Eastside Hardcore” combo from Beeskow/Brandenburg. Once started as a death metal band, now a metallic Agnostic Front-Style crossover sound is served (fat double bass included), especially the vocals are very reminiscent of Roger. Decent board. 13 (English-language) songs spread over almost 30 minutes. Label information: "With their new album "Same Old Shit", the four-piece shows all scene guards, Nazis, sexists, rulers and greedy people the middle finger and brings hardcore back where it belongs, to the clubs where it stinks of blood, sweat and vomit and not into the comfort zone of your home PC. Old school, after all. Anyone who can do something with the music of Warzone and the attitude of Slapshot should get it here!" Limited (100 pieces ) 7"/CD version. Steeltown 2014)

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