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Spirit of the Streets

Dead Heros "Schizophrenic" EP (lim. 250)

Dead Heros "Schizophrenic" EP (lim. 250)


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Eastcoast street punk, schizophrenic style. After their great debut 7" on HEADACHE, now the second vinyl jewel from the New Jersey Oi!sters. A few years and line-ups have passed since 2004, the DEAD HEROS have newly formed and are playing hard again in the old style. Finest NJ working Class aggro sound with fat singalongs and vicious punch. Frontman JJ processes his prison experiences in the lyrics and thus remains confidently on the dark side of life. His grater voice gives the five tracks an extra bad-tempered, angry note, you could also say it's folky Talk about "wonderfully pissed off". All fans of the classic HEADACHE baking program will really enjoy "Schizophrenic". Since the eye also likes to eat, the record appears wrapped in an elegant, hand-made screen-printed cover. The unique total edition is a discreet 250 copies, is neatly numbered and shines in pitch black vinyl.


East coast street punk, schizophrenic style. After their magnificent debut 7" on HEADACHE now the second vinyl gem by the New Jersey-Oi! sters. Since 2004 some years and line-ups have passed, the HERO DEAD have freshly formed up and gamble again roughly in their own style. The finest NJ-Working Class Aggro sound with thick singalongs and a hard-hitting punch. Singer JJ processes his jail experiences in the lyrics and walks mercilessly on the the dark side of life. His grater voice gives a specially irritable-furious trade mark to the five tracks, a really pissed-off singing. All friends of the HEADACHE back program will take "Schizophrenic" therefore in their hearts and record collections. The record is wrapped in a noble, hand made silk screen cover. The one-time edition is limited to 250 copies, hand numbered on pitch-black wax.



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