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Crusaders "Throwing down the gauntlet" CD

Crusaders "Throwing down the gauntlet" CD


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("A night out with the lads!" The Aggro Boys from (originally) Dresden with their long-awaited and very late (should be released at the end of 2009) fourth long player. Melodic, catchy street punk, somewhere between Evil Conduct, On File, Vanilla Muffins etc. Vocally with strong Cock Sparrer parallels, singer Thorsten aims for similar heights. 14 English-language (completely accent-free!) songs about scene-related topics such as "Two-faced bitch", "Hooligan" or "Nation of fear". Finally there is "Man enough" an atmospheric ballad heavyweight. Randale 2012)

("A night out with the lads!" New, long-awaited full length by Germany's Crusaders. 14 tracks, sung in English, about streetwise topics like "Two-faced bitch", "Hooligan" or "Nation of fear". Musically it's a strong mixture of angry/melodic Oi! tunes topped with high-pitched Cock Sparrer-style vocals. Randale 2012)

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