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Spirit of the Streets

COR "Leitkultur" CD (DigiPac)

COR "Leitkultur" CD (DigiPac)


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(It's always nice when musicians and bands think about what they have to say. Since then, Friedemann from COR has stood out as a lighthouse from the sea of ​​arbitrariness. That's why you can always look forward to his publications and quote the master himself as a recommendation: "You wanted a dominant culture? We offer you ours! Peace is just and everyone is subject to it! We have thought about it, as people and as musicians. Thoughts about the state of the world, thoughts about our way of life. We are sure : This world needs changes, new ideas, visions and people who are ready to bring these approaches to life and implement them. Each of us should have an interest in being part of a social and fair society that conserves resources and is in harmony with nature and acts humanely. Stinginess is cool! was yesterday, thinking and acting should determine the future. The new COR record is part of our way of initiating our kind of processes, more than entertainment and music." “Leitkultur”, the 10th album by the band from Rügen, contains 11 songs: “Vollkontakt”, “Saubermann”, “Propaganda”, “Spielspoiler” etc. Musically a fat rocking punk/metal bastard, Friedemann's love for Motörhead is very strong present. Plus his brittle singing (with a hearty coastal accent) and his great lyrics. Headbanger sound with thoughtful lyrics. Ruegencore 2017)
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