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Colera "Dé O Fora" EP 7" (black)

Colera "Dé O Fora" EP 7" (black)


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(Sensible re-release of the '86 Colera 7). "Dé O Fora" was released on the Belgian Hageland label at the time, contains four songs in the local language and today the original is a much sought-after piece for lovers. The opener "HC - Oi - Punk" outlines it It's pretty good: street sound for the entire subculture community. Anyone who likes it raw, powerful and exotic can definitely pick up this record. Fans of classic Brazilian punk a la Innocentes, Ohlo Seco, Ratos de Porao etc. anyway . In contrast to the participants mentioned, Colera always focused more on melody than on tempo. Your Poison / Can I Say 2011)

(Nice re-release of the "Dé O Fora" 7" by Brazil's Colera, originally released on Belgian Hageland label back in 1986. It contains 4 unpolished pearls of their melodic Hardpunk: raw, catchy and exotic. Your Poison / Can I Say 2011)

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