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Spirit of the Streets

Clockwork Crew - Humans... CD (DigiPak)

Clockwork Crew - Humans... CD (DigiPak)


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(Unfortunately, according to the current status, it looks as if Clockwork Crew have broken up. 2 band members have been working in Australia for a long time and everyone has now looked for other bands. After listening to this album, I couldn't believe it , that a band can stop after that. CC really worked hard to finish this production. On their now 4th album, the 4 Skins from Norrköping show us that they are one of the best Oi!/Punk bands. Traditional Oi/Punk sound, as they have already helped to shape it stylistically, at its finest. Plus, they sing well-thought-out lyrics about the fucked up situation in Sweden, stupid people, punks & skins and many topics that no other band addresses. It fits really well. Officially it's their last album, but I hope they change their minds and move on at some point. There are only 500x orange vinyl and 1000 DigiPak CDs.)
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