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Spirit of the Streets

City Saints "Go and Die - A collection of non-album tracks" CD (DigiPac)

City Saints "Go and Die - A collection of non-album tracks" CD (DigiPac)


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Göteborgs Rudeboy Rock'n'Roller (feat. Stefan/CHILLIHOUNDS, Magnus/ex-PERKELE) with release # 6: The three CITY SAINTS seven-inch beads digitally summarized, a compact Alternative to sold-out vinyl and complex handling. Specifically represented are:

Spitting blood 7” (SPIRIT OF THE STREETS, 2013). "Spitting blood on the streets tonight!" Three flawless ones Bootboy singalong smasher of the good old 79 UK school. Thrilling SHAM 69 style with a heavy dirty rock'n'roll edge. "Flame of fire burning in your heart!" As vinyl on 250 blood-red copies limited.
"Strong & proud" EP 7" (STEELTOWN, 2014). Single # 2: Kickin' Oi! Sound with a fat Aussie Power Rock'n'Roll edge, the Title song also scores great catchy traditional singalong chorus. Limited as vinyl on 305 Copies with four different cover colors. “The last boys" 7" (SPIRIT OF THE STREETS, 2014). A compact one dose Blue Collar Streetpunk'n'Roll, the magical formula PERKELE meets SHAM 69 meets ROSE TATTOO guarantees another direct hit. The city SAINTS authentically transport the original 70's punk rock spirit our new millennium. Rough, hard and unpolished. As vinyl on 500 colored Limited copies.
A total of 12 songs, the 7" tracks (minus "The last boys”, which was already on the “Blue Collar “Sons” Album in digital version) plus 3 unreleased, brand fresher Bonus tracks: “I got your number” (the COCK SPARRER classic as an acoustic version), “Go and die” (for the band “the ultimate CITY SAINTS song”) and “Punk Rock Radio” (a worthy RAMONES tribute, not a cover). Recorded on one (!) afternoon in July 2014, good sound is needed apparently no long studio stays.
Comes in a DigiPac sleeve, limited to 1000 copies The twelve-page booklet presents the bands and their individual songs backgrounds individually.
1. Go And Die
2. Out of line
3. Strong & Proud
4. Flame of Fire
5. Read
6. I Got Your Number
7. We Don't Really Care
8. Spitting Blood
9. Don't Be Late
10. Out Come the Wolves
11. Selling Shit
12. Punk Rock Radio
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