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Spirit of the Streets

City Saints "Blue collar sons" CD (DigiPac)

City Saints "Blue collar sons" CD (DigiPac)


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“The Saints come marching in!” The City Saints' second album (feat. ex-Perkele/Chillihounds musician) from Gothenburg, 12 earthy-rocking tracks full Heart and soul and upright working class hooligan attitude, with English lyrics (via everyday life, the underdog way of life, against “money, corruption and lies”) and old fashioned 70's riffs. Rough'n'tough hooligan serenade for an everlasting one Friday night feeling. The bands themselves describe their formula as “Classic Rock'n'roll and High energy Punk Rock”, packs the robust R'n'R basics in a very snappy way hard'n'angry bootboy update. A sweaty jam session from Rose Tattoo and Sham 69, Power Streetpunk'n'roll at it's best.


01. The Saints Come Marching In
02. The Last Boys
03. Working Class Rockers
04. Stay true
05.Go! Go! Go!
06. You Put the Blame on Me
07. Say it With a Bat
08. Know My Name
09. Hooligan
10. Punk, Rock and Oi!
11.Money, Corruption and Lies
12. My Streets


Second album by Gothenburg's CITY SAINTS (est. in 2012, feat. formerly Perkele/Chillihounds members) on Spirit of the streets Records. Announced by the Teaser 7" "The last boys" (out in April 2014 on SoTS) it presents itself as a kind of Best of …, compiled out of a source of more than 50 (!) demo recordings. Their first full length, “Kicking Ass for the Working Class!" was like a test rocket, "Blue collar sons" is the finished masterpiece: 12 dirty rockin' tracks, full of heartfelt passion and honest working Class Hooligan Attitude, with English lyrics and oldfashioned 70's riffs. Drivin', catchy and wonderfully simple. No experiments here. Just the good old hard knockin' Streetwise stuff. You know, drinkin' and fighting, for an everlasting Friday Night feeling. The band itself describes their formula as "Classic rock and roll and high energy punk rock", roarin' R'n'R Basics packed quite snappy in a hard'n'angry Bootboy update. Imagine a sweaty jam session of Rose Tattoo and Sham 69, Power Streetpunk'n'roll at it's best. Catchy and gritty as hell, dammit!!
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