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Spirit of the Streets

Brassknuckle Boys - Songs about fighting LP (lim. 125, white/bl. Vinyl, DL Code)

Brassknuckle Boys - Songs about fighting LP (lim. 125, white/bl. Vinyl, DL Code)

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US Oi! History! Taken from the deepest treasure troves of American skinhead history, BANDWORM finally presents the legendary and much-praised BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS demo tape on vinyl! Originally released by the band themselves in 1999, only 4 songs later made it onto the band's debut 7" from Portage, Indiana. Ten years late, the complete demo is now following suit. Carefully produced to the latest technical standards by BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS guitarist Joe himself , an almost forgotten collection of American working class hymns awaits us. Only a few bands have managed to produce such a crisp sound like the BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS with the most sparse instrumentation and limited only to the essentials. There are no frills and no superfluities, there Every handle and every note is right. Timeless, effective and rousing. A hard punch of bone-dry Oi! combined with American Rock'n'roll! Great songs like "Taking the Streets back", "Fighting poor" or "Land of the free" have become rare, the "Songs about fighting" album brings back the spirit of days gone by. Without any nostalgia. As a big bonus, we're including an exclusive live track, so you get the full dose of RASSKNUCKLE BOYS!


1. Fighting poor
2. At least it seems
3. Land of the free
4. For you, Mom
5. I can find out where you live
6. Jimmy Coonan
7. Taking the streets back
8. Make the list
9. Rise up, sign up
10. Can't kill the blues (live)


Out of the vaults of US Oi! Here we have the early demo recordings by Indiana's BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS for the first time on vinyl! Recorded back in 1999 and now remastered by BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS guitarist Joe himself! Straight & unfiltered American Skinhead Rock'n'Roll, true to the bone Blue Collar sound. As the title said, it's mostly about fighting! 10 rowdy songs about fighting, about struggle on the streets, about America. etc. Honest and authentic Working class anthems, golden nuggets from the past! Limited edition of 250 black/yellow colored copies.

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