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Biertoifel "Our Streets, Our Songs" LP (red)

Biertoifel "Our Streets, Our Songs" LP (red)


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Just in time for the 5th anniversary, after a few line-up changes, the long-announced Biertoifel debut album is finally being released. There are 14 Streetpunk / Oi! Songs between parole fun and pure aggression, sometimes with a melodic sing-a-long character, sometimes rough and hard, but definitely not an album to please everyone. With ''Punk Rock Love Affair'' and the Bieroifel classic ''Street-Punk Skinhead Crew'' there are also two English-language songs to be heard, as well as a cover by the Oi!Punk band ''Strahlenschutz'' and as a special treat for the song ' 'Thoughts'' active support of the ''Thirst Neighbors''.


The debut album has a total playing time of 51 (!) minutes without becoming musically or thematically boring and is released as a limited digipak and vinyl version.


(Laketown Records 2020)

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