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Spirit of the Streets

Berliner Weisse "Unmusical" CD

Berliner Weisse "Unmusical" CD


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The opener could also be the motto: “The crazy people are back!” Second complete album (after 2003's “Albtraum” and 2004's “Zwiesptlich” split with KB), first released in 2005. The madness is already in full bloom, the “proll prophets” are going full speed ahead. “Always full speed ahead and with your skull through the wall!” Musically you sit between two chairs (intentionally): No more “Richtja Oi!”, instead pure BERLINER WEISSE. Stop “Always different”. Hard-hitting street music from the capital. Clear statements with a Berlin snout delivered uncompromisingly. In addition, the highly valued outliers in a slanted text: “El Garnelo” flies over the edge, “13 Frauen” happily lick their way through Pfeffi-soaked skulls as a skiffle daydream, “Bier und Stulle” goes into the second round. 15 x (guilefully deceptive piano/violin intro/outro included) Berlin mad seat in a hearty design, not easily digestible light food. “…even if the crowd howls”. Doesn't matter. Comes in original artwork.


1.) Intro 1:26
2.) The crazy people are back 3:01
3.) Never let go 4:10
4.) Fairyland 2:14
5.) Stop the world 3:18
6.) 13 women 3:40
7.) The Root of All Evil 3:14
8.) Wasted Years 3:46
9.) Envy 4:07
10.) Fever Delusion 3:27
11.) Always different 3:22
12.) El Garnelo 4:22
13.) Rednecks 3:45
14.) Beer and sandwiches 2 2:32
15.) Outro 4:36
Second full length strike by these Berlin-based Masters of Blue Collar Philosophy. Originally released back in 2005, now reissued-by public demand-in the original artwork. Contains 15 hard-hittin' punches full of aggression and obscene wisdom, cynical and rough. Varied street punk in their own style. Quite entertainin', unique stuff! Seriously, it's due to the "special" lyrics for Germans only but you can tear down the language barrier with a large bottle of booze. Turning beer into dictionary. Get it!
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