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Spirit of the Streets

Berliner Weisse "Feel Your Heart" DoLP (Gatefold) (black) (lim. 500)

Berliner Weisse "Feel Your Heart" DoLP (Gatefold) (black) (lim. 500)


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New level reached: Berlin(er Weisse) calling. “Feel Your Heart” is the “London calling” from BERLINER WEISSE.
Musical boundaries are tested without going beyond the scope or forgetting the mission. New steps in old boots. But don't worry, BW remains BW. Always have a firm grip on the folding chair. This time Toifel's kitchen was set up in a ring, and in addition to the beloved predator numbers in the boxing ring, the artists increasingly come into play. Styles are juggled (offbeat, ballad, pop appeal), gargled with razor blades and barbed wire (Toifel at his best), and lightly loosened up. Among other things, through vocal performances from Vale and Yvonne.
“Have a nice day, we’re back!” is more of a baring threat than a lazy greeting, at BW the garlic cake is still served with a crowbar. A “Schelle aus Berlin” set to music by Toifel’s grace. “Fly as far as you want, leave that shit behind you!”
Always straight to the point, without pathos, without complaining, but with a clear edge with a Berlin heart and soul. Musically and lyrically PUNK with extras. And eloquent dental tips: “Skinheads against brown plaque” as a 2021 update. Slogan: “Keep your teeth clean!”
17 songs on magnificent double vinyl, a feast for the ear, soul and eye. The circus is coming to town. And sets the city on fire.
(Thomas Paradise)

1. Bell from Berlin 03:48
2nd wing 03:59
3. For you 04:53
4. SHABP 02:51
5. Demons 02:56
6. When all else fails 04:09
7. Self-aware!? 02:16
8. You & Me 03:57
9. 0177 03:26
10. Grumpy 02:42
11. Sad spectacle 02:13
12. I'm thinking of you 03:41
13. Shit 04:40
14. Unbearable Of course 02:52
15. 20 years 03:24
16. "We can do it" 03:29
17. Don't give up 05:25

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