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Barstool Preachers "Grazie Governo" LP (black)

Barstool Preachers "Grazie Governo" LP (black)


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Every decade a band comes along that accidentally redefines punk by simply writing songs that come from the heart. They blur genres and change everything. Only truly authentic, creative and passionate punks write these 'classic' albums that we all appreciate so much. Here are the BARSTOOL PREACHERS. Their songs will be the soundtrack to your summer. Their anthems about the world's injustices and broken hearts will have you obsessed. They will easily conquer the world."Grazie Governo" is the album everyone has been waiting for, angry and frustrated with the current political situation. The intelligent and passionate lyrics are supported by the unique, catchy and creative songwriting this band is known for. After the success of their debut album "Blatant Propaganda" in 2016, the band have traveled many miles to share their music and energy with thousands upon thousands of people - and they aren't slowing down. They played big stadium festivals and legendary club shows full of sweaty punks and fans of all ages. They simply impress everyone and have a lot of fun doing it. Pirates Press 2018
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