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Balls'n'Boobs - Good education - Bad reputation CD (DigiPac)

Balls'n'Boobs - Good education - Bad reputation CD (DigiPac)


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Horror on the Isar & BILLY INVASION # 3! It's all over in Munich: the former ARGLISTIGE TOISCHUNG is entering the second round under a new name and with new sounds. While the old band name was initially chosen half-heartedly and was seen as a stopgap solution, today it is just a nostalgic relic from the old days. In addition to the suggestive, rocky name, "Good education - Bad reputation" comes with a daring, demonic sound: Balls'n'Boobs have charmingly deepened their psychobilly preference, underpinned it with horror-punk scenarios and created a high-percentage horror-punkabilly cocktail made up of 13 bloodthirsty Ghostriders mixed. “Burning Wheels”, “Favorite Gamblers” and “Candlelight Corpses” set the pace. Add to that a highly snarling speed version of "Folsom prison blues", the Man in Black would certainly like it because of its irreverence. Otherwise you have to draw up various categories to categorize the band stylistically, but if you like a hearty Billy mixture of horror pop, Creepshow, Mad Sin, Johnny Cash and up-tempo punk rock, you can't go wrong with Balls'n'Boobs. Except for two songs, all lyrics are in English and are performed very dynamically with a powerful voice by front siren Jessy.


  1. Reanimation of the slaughtered prom queens
  2. Burning Wheels
  3. Candyman
  4. Unholy mission
  5. Candlelight Corpses
  6. Folsom Prison Blues
  7. End of Dave's
  8. Big Brother
  9. Do not look at me like that!
  10. She-Beast from the South-East
  11. Favorite Gamblers
  12. Hey Fox!
  13. Haunted house


We've got big Balls'nBoobs! You've got big Balls'n'Boobs! Formerly called ARGLISTIGE TOISCHUNG, the Munich outfit are back under a new flag with a slightly updated sound: now turning into the demonic world of Psychobilly and Horror-Punk. Nice Boobs on attack, great Balls on fire! 13 galloping ghostriders like "Burning Wheels", "Favorite Gamblers", "Candlelight Corpses" or the up-tempo cover of "Folsom prison blues". Led by Front-Lady Jessy, the cutie with the big voice, the Boobs-Girls and the Balls-boys give us a well mixed cocktail of Horrorpops, Creepshow, Mad Sin, Johnny Cash and stompin' Punk rock. Big Boobs, Big Balls, Big Sound! Comes as DigiPac version with eye-catching artwork!

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