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Spirit of the Streets

Asociale "1990-2010 Complete Collection" CD

Asociale "1990-2010 Complete Collection" CD


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"No politics, just Oi!" 20 years after the band was founded, ASOCIALE belt out a self-made birthday serenade, delivering a collection of old hits and new anthems! ASOCIALE started at the beginning of 1990 in picturesque Como, one of the most idyllic places in Italy. The name was taken from the NABAT anthem "Asociale Oi!" (included on their fabulous debut 7"). In their first phase, the band unfortunately only released three vinyl releases: the songs on the "Oi! Siamo ancora qui" & "Oi! it's a world league" compilations (presented in 1992 and 1993 by KLASSE KRIMINALE-Marco on his HAVIN' A LAUGH label) as well as their semi-legendary "Novum comum" 7" (which was limited to a meager 1000 copies at the time and today has its a permanent place on the wish lists of record junkies worldwide). There was space for two little pearls on the 7": "Niente politica, solo Oi!" (which was and is also ASOCIALE's band philosophy) and then the ultimate demand for politics: "Hoxton Tom for president!"
A little later, ASOCIALE broke up for the first time before a brief reunion with a new line-up in the spring of 1994. Another song, "Ancora guasti", even appeared on the "Oi! against Silvio" (December 1994), then it was over again. After ASOCIALE disbanded again, ASOCIALE singer Ivano devoted himself to various projects, including a co-operation with the TEMPLARS under the explosive slogan: "Ivano + TEMPLARS = TNT!" He later joined the Italo-Swiss DEVILSKINS, first as a guest and then as a full-time singer, who became known, among other things, through split releases with TEMPLARS and STOMPER 98.
2010 now the feedback with brand new material! Three completely new ASOCIALE tracks plus a wonderfully relaxed offbeat version of "Asociale Oi!" as well as the CHISWICK classic "Antisocial" in Italian! Of course there are also the 7" and compilation tracks, which would make the "Complete Recordings" complete. Italo Oi! in its most beautiful and honest playing style, somewhere between late NABAT and early KLASSE KRIMINALE. Congratulations ASOCIALE, here's to the next 20 Years!
1. Asocial Oi!
2. La gente reale non muore mai
3. Spacca la spade
4. Niente politica solo Oi!
5. Hoxton Tom for president
6. Ancora guasti
7. Como Sud
8. Muori infamous!
10. A-so-cia-le!
11. Asociale Dub


ASOCIALE is back! One of the honest most Italian Oi! outfits, Asociale from Como, are back with an 11 song-bang! Originally founded in early 1990, ASOCIALE (named after the NABAT song) only existed 4 years and called it a day in the end of 1994. Singer Ivano teamed up with the TEMPLARS (for a short project, the "Ivano + TEMPLARS= TNT! " 7") and join after that the Swiss Oi!sters DEVIL SKINS (known for their split releases with TEMPLARS and STOMPER 98). Now the Como-Boys are back on the streets again and celebrate their 20th anniversary with a golden collection of old & new stuff! "Complete recordings" contains 3 brand new tracks, their rare "Novum covum" 7" from 1992, several compilation tracks and two cover versions: NABAT's "Asociale Oi" in a laid-back offbeat style and the British Punk-Classic "Antisocial" in Italian! 11 tracks of pure Italian Oi! And please don't forget the wise ASOCIALE slogan: "No politics, just Oi!"

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