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Bruisers, The "Intimidation" (Extended Edition, RP) 12" (black)

Bruisers, The "Intimidation" (Extended Edition, RP) 12" (black)


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Rebellion Records is proud to present you the expanded edition of the classic and iconic Intimidation EP on 12" vinyl with 3 bonus tracks, recorded in the same studio session in June 1989 at Bunkhouse Studio in Portsmouth. Lots of images from the band members' archive and some liner notes are included in the refreshed and updated artwork.To top it off, the entire session has been carefully remastered for vinyl.

The staccato beats, the driving bass, the deep crackling guitars and the vocals bursting with youthful energy and aggression cannot be imitated and can only sound the way they did then and now. An anchor and milestone of the US Oi! fame. We ensure this gem is preserved for the new generation and offer a fresh, updated version for the old guard as a beautiful collector's item. Licensed directly from The Bruisers.

Pressing information:

375x black

375x clear

250x red blue swirls


A1 Intimidation

A2 Anchors Up

A3 Society's Fools

A4 Bloodshed

B1 Overthrow

B2 No Truce

B3 In This Country

(Rebellion Records / 2023)

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