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9mm Assi Rock'n'Roll - Quo Vadis CD (DigiPac)

9mm Assi Rock'n'Roll - Quo Vadis CD (DigiPac)


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MAD MAX scenario 2009: A heavily armored bulldozer decorated with skulls, filled to the hatch with fuel containing dynamite, crunches through an apocalyptic desert landscape. Commander Rotten & Co. on their campaign against ass-kissing and other bad habits of this world. Their weapons: Explosive R'n'R of the highest Teutonic metal class, plus asphalt-tested, fireproof lyrics. Texts like 9mm bullets, belted with barbed wire, unbending and merciless. "Quo vadis" is a 12-fold continuous fire of razor-sharp trash, indestructible outlaw attitude and indestructible AC/DC spirit. 9mm have gained weight, their sound has definitely become even deadlier...


  1. Revenge
  2. Star Child
  3. Quo Vadis
  4. banker
  5. 9mm
  6. Thunderclap
  7. The Athletic Four
  8. Clean men
  9. Live…
  10. Continuous fire free
  11. ASSI


Jack Daniels meets MAD MAX!"Quo vadis" is the brand new hard hitter by 9mm. 12 tracks of Booze-fueled Street Metal! It's a great combination of Teutonic Trash, AC/DC riffs and Kilmister power! The streetwise lyrics remind you of BÖHSE ONKELZ, so you have an adrenaline-ridden bulldozer in front of your door. Beware of Rock Rotten's 9mm...

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