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3 Kings,The "Vol. 1" MCD

3 Kings,The "Vol. 1" MCD


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Everyone has probably heard the joke “Looking for freedom” by the alcoholic lifeguard Hasselhoff, whether they wanted to or not. The original is a penetrating earworm of the most unpretty kind. But a catchy tune! In the new version of the 3 KINGS , the song has been completely stripped of oil and detoxified and now delights as a highly relaxed authentic 50's rockabilly delicacy. And this is how the ingenious concept of the three boys from demonic MD-Rock City works: not only throw out the rod in the overfished cover pool, but also get an anti-number on the right track. In addition to the successful experiment, there is also the classic: you respectfully follow the Man in Black to Folsom Prison. Cover # 3 also showed a golden touch: SOCIAL DISTORTION had already become friends more recently with "King of fools", originally a very early song by country bard William Edwin "Ed" Bruce Jr. (first recorded in 1958). , the 3 KINGS are now bringing it back to the original in a new version. The three covers were embedded in three equally successful original compositions, the 3 KINGS can also do it themselves! And very convincingly: their debut entitled "Vol. 1" shines with a hot smokin' Americana sound made of stylish ingredients, mainly old school rockabilly with a subtle pinch of country and a more felt splash of punk rock. Rockin' the Kings ! DIY 2011
1.) King of Fools
2.) Natural born sinner
3.) Looking for freedom
4.) Don't cry to change me
5.) Folsom prision blues
6.) Bruisers
Remember David Hasselhoff? Hassel the Hoff? The male Beach bum from the BAYWATCH flics? Right, and you're remember his cheesy "Lookin' for freedom"? Horrible indeed, but it stuck in your ears for a long, long time. Now you'll get it as a relaxed Rockabilly version, done by Magdeburg's own 3 KINGS . Sounds strange? Maybe, but it works!
There are two other delicious cover versions on their debut, a well-known Johnny Cash classic and a rather unknown early cut by country legend Ed Bruce: "King of fools" (maybe known through the SOCIAL D cover). And of course, there also three own compositions on it, true America style Rockabilly/Country/Blues tunes with a slightly Punk Rock edge (English lyrics included). Rockin' the Kings !

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