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The 3 Kings "Outcasts" CD (DigiPac)

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Bernie King, supported by his magical Gretsch 6120, give us some stories about his dog’s life. The good old, bad luck stories out of the “Hard working hard man" universe, in a authentic and entertainin’ way. Sure, the A2 isn’t Highway 1 or Route 66 at all. However, in Sachsen-Anhalt/Germany (Home of the 3 Kings), there Outcasts too and the 3 rock and rollers from Magdeburg deliver the well fitting soundtrack. 13 songs about Hookers and Bad guys (My Little Girl & Drunken Sailors), boozy parties (Wasting Our Time), crashed Relations (Without You), smut episodes (My Song) and the new born sinner (Natural Born Sinner), it’s like a bourbon-soaked road movie, burn into your brain and a promising saloon door appears as a mirage on the horizon. Equipped with the right role models and the right spirit, the 3 kings serve now their second full length, "OUTCASTS" titled and "WE`RE DOING IT OUR WAY" subtitled. The guys show the  middle finger in the face to everybody who tell ’em how has to sound a "real true“ Rockabilly song. Well, a hard assed 50`s Rockabilly purist who’s wearing even the original panties from the 50’s, should stay away, but the golden Johnny Cash-meets-Social Distortion/Mike Ness recipe make this album to a tasteful delicatecy for every fans of good and varied music.

Ride on, Outcast! 


  1. Wasting our time
  2. The 3Kings with a double bass
  3. Never come back
  4. Born to break the rules
  5. A longing
  6. Street girls and drunken sailors
  7. Without you
  8. License to kill
  9. Hard working man
  10. Bruiser
  11. Natural born sinner
  12. I want it all
  13. My song
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