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Loikaemie "Wir sind die Skins" LP (black Vinyl) + CD

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The second LOIKAEMIE longplayer, originally released in 1999. "We are the Skins" is an full frontal effort, provides 12 sledgehammer anthems from the east german streets. Bootboy Rumble in the german jungle! Aggressive, strong and very powerfull baldie attack. Streetwise and scene-related lyrics about the state of the union. Sharp-minded and really tough. Mostly sung in german, „Way of life“ is in english. Today a little classic, when it was released back then an important guide to the real Skinhead Way of Life. 


1. Intro
2. Wir sind die Skins
3. Gewalttätig
4. Wilder Osten
5. Mein Recht
6. Für uns bedeutet Oi!
7. Way of life
8. Lied über Trauer
9. Wir kommen auf die Welt
10. Armes Schwein
11. Haut dem Volk aufs Maul
12. Wenn man sich einmischt
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