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Violent Instict "Bis hierhin liefs noch ganz gut" CD

Réf produit: SOTS 175-2

Prêt à être expédié

Strong debut cracker by Hamburg’s own VIOLENT INSTINCT. Rebellious, angry and thoughtful. With strong female vox: Singer Aga reminds slightly of Cecilia of BABOON SHOW. Loud, clear and precise. Fits well to the lyrics, they have a harsh message. Absolutely uncompromising. Fearless. Young at age and young at heart, that makes the difference. 12 kickin` songs, the ragin` soundtrack of a youth rebellion. No classic streetpunk or Oi! here, rather a streetpunk version of the classic 80`s HH punk rock (TORPEDO MOSKAU, C3i), give ’em a 2000 update. Mostly sung in german (only one song in english), but you`ll get the message. Be Violent. Hear Violent. Like Violent. VIOLENT INSTINCT.


1.) Kauf dich frei
2.) Gerd
3.) Violent Instinct
4.) Keinen Meter
5.) Angst
6.) Schlaflos
7.) Sei stolz
8.) Hamburg
9.) So what
10.) Lass dich fallen
11.) An einen Freund
12.) Eure Normalität

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