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Vandals, The "Fear of Punk Planet" LP (lim. purple + MP3)

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1990`s "Fear Of A Punk Planet" is the third album from The Vandals and first to feature the lineup that would remain intact for the remainder of the band`s career to date (2015), and includes guest appearances by Dweezil and Moon Unit Zappa, Scott Thunes and Kelsey Grammer. Like the 2000 reissue, it features four bonus tracks. LP includes digital download. Kung Fu 2015

1. Pizza Tran
2. The Rodge
3. Join Us For Pong
4. Hey Holmes!
5. Girls Turn 18 Every Day
6. Kill My Tenant
7. Summer Lovin`
8. The Day Farrah Fawcett Died
9. Anti
10. Teenage Idol
11. Small Wonder
12. Phone Machine
13. Shi`ite Punk
14. China Town
15. Working For The Man
16. Kokomo

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