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Stars And Stripes "Shaved for battle" LP (lim. 350, black) + Poster

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(Violent midtempo US Oi! made in Boston, the full broadside hooligan singalongs. Call it simply „Slapshot on Oi!“, "Step on it" played by the Last Resort. 14 American Baldie-Smash Hits: "Skinheads on the rampage", "Doc Marten Army","Gang Riot" etc. Here lived Jack „Choke "Kelly (Slapshot) his skinhead and violent fantasies of course all the American style: angry, overdrawn, provocative, non-PC. Original released in 1989 on Patriot Records, now for the first time as European pressing: 350 copies on black vinyl with poster & insert. Evil 2014)


1 Shaved for Battle
2 We`re not Criminals
3 Skinheads on the Rampage
4 In the Right
5 Street Kids
6 Here`s one for the lads
7 American Oi!
8 The Power and The Glory

9 Dedicated
10 Proud, strong and free
11 Nowhere
12 Nothing to fight for anymore
13 Gang Riot
14 Doc Marten Army
15 Drop the bomb
16 Time to live time to die

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