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Bad Manners "You`re just too good to be true" DoLP

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(Das aktuelle Bad Manners-Album endlich auf Vinyl! Kam original 2011 auf dem japanischen Label Ska in the World Label (CD-only) und enthält 18 locker-dynamische Tracks: "One step forward", "Al Capone", "Do nothing" etc. Fatty is back-einige Kilo leichter-aber musikalisch noch immer ein Schwergewicht! Randale 2013)

(The last Bad Manners album finally on vinyl! Came in 2011 on the Japanese label Ska in the World label (CD-only) and contains 18 great-dynamic tracks: "One step forward", "Al Capone", "Do nothing "etc. Fatty is back a few pounds lighter, but musically still a heavyweight! Randale 2013)

Side A 1. Al Capone 2. Turning Japanese 3. Shape Im in 4. Too good to be true 5. Do nothing
Side B 1. One Step forward 2. Man who told the world 3. Funky Chicken 4. Lola
Side C 1. I feel Bad 2. Personality 3. The Oldest Game in town 4. Billies 5. Midnight Rider
Side D 1. Shaft 2. Black night 3. Mambo N0 8 4. Stop y Messing

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