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Graveyard Johnnys "Songs from better days" CD

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(Grabräuberisches Waliser Trio mit druckvollem Punk-A-billy! Insgesamt zwar mehr "Billy" als "Punk", in dieser Kombination aber extrem schmissig und vielseitig ausgefallen. Klasse Mix aus Mad Sin, Living End, Ramones, Stray Cats etc inklusive the Golden Earring Cover "Radar love". Wolverine 2011)

(Kickin` Psychobilly with a snotty, powerfull Punk edge by Wales` own Graveyard Johnnys. Call it "Punk-a-billy". The 3 lads, founded in 2008, deliver a very varied set of tight stompin` numbers incl. a well-done cover of "Radar Love" (The Gold Earring smash hit back in the days). Wolverine 2011)


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