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Smalltown "XII" LP + CD + CD-R (lim. 500)

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(4 neue Tracks der Schweden, knackiger Melody-Street/Modpunk zwischen Briggs, VOAG und The Movement. Als zusätzliche Gimmicks gibt es eine Bonus-CD mit den Tracks der "Read Between the Lines" 10" (2009 erschienen) sowie eine Vinyl-CD mit dem exklusiven "Sit back and watch". Limitiert auf 500 Exemplare. Pirates Press 2013)

(4 new cuts by the swedish threesome, melodic-smart Streetpunk tunes with Mod Appeal. Think the Briggs meets VOAG and the Movement. English sung. The 12" comes w/ bonus CD (contains their "Read between the lines" album from 2009) and a 1-Track CD-Record: A "CD-Record" is a vinyl record pressed by a CD manufacturing press that looks and feels like a CD, with a grooved surface; comes with a standard turntable foam adapter for the center-hole of the CD. Limited edition of 500 copies. Pirates Press 2013)


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