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Hex Bombs, The "Everything earned" LP (lim. 100, green/black)

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THE HEX BOMBS sound is a unique brand of proletariat punk with a classic punk rock-revival attitude. Never tiring of powerful hooks and anthemic sing-along choruses, these raucous gents sing about the reality of life from the perspective of hard working folks. The songs are progressive and honest with the intensity of a maelstrom. Formed in 2006, the band is known for their high energy live shows and crowd participation. Guest vocals on `None Shall Be Forgotten` by Mike McColgan. Percussion on `All Fall Down` by Mark Mayhew. Violin on `All Fall Down` by Nathan Wright. East Grand 2014

1. Everything Earned 04:07
2. None Shall Be Forgotten (f. Mike McColgan) 04:15
3. Death Squad 02:26
4. New Age 02:37
5. Killing Time (for war) 02:13
6. Our Scene 02:57
7. The Closing 03:58
8. The Worker`s Life 03:39
9. Defiance 03:12
10. All Fall Down (acoustic) 03:54
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