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Welch Boys,The "Bring back the Fight" CD

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(Trink-und rauflustiger Boston Streetpunk mit Slapshot- (Ed Lalli)/Blue Bloods (T.J. Welch)-Personal, ihr mittlerweile dritter Longplayer enthält 14 "Sudden death"-Tracks: "Where have all the Bootboys gone" (kein Slaughter & the Dogs-Cover), "I feel like drinkin`", Whiskey and beer", "Someone`s gonna die" (Blitz), inklusive "The hand grenade" (über den UFC-Champ Marcus "The irish hand grenade" Davis). Harter Beantown Singalong Stuff mit rauchiger Celtic-Note im Abgang. Sailor`s Grave 2013)

(Third full length by the Boston lads, feat. TJ Welch (Blue Bloods) on vox and Ed (Slapshot). Blue Collar Drinking anthems with a celtic favor and a sympathy for good ole UK Oi!. 14 "Sudden death" tracks incl. "Someone`s gonna die" (Blitz). Thirsty and miserable! Sailor`s Grave 2013)


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