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Pauki,The "Ship won`t go to port" CD (DigiPac)

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(Die St. Petersburger "Beer-Core" Oldtimers, seit 1991 am Start, mit 15 verrückt-fröhlichen Folk-Punkern zum Thema Alkohol und Piraterie. Die Texte sind wie gehabt in Landessprache, was den Exoten-Bonus drastisch verstärkt. Musikalisch bewegt man sich souverän auf internationalem Celtic-Standard, pendelt sich irgendwo zwischen Flogging Molly, Pogues etc. ein. Neuro Empire / Bruised Knuckles 2011)

(Drunken Pirate stuff out of Russia! The Pauki, est. 1991, give us 15 wild Folk/punk anthems with russian lyrics and a big passion for Booze & good old Piracy! "That Russian Beer-Core legends have been around for almost for 20 years now & and still they are active as heel, giving us a new record each year, and how many of you could do the same? Band`s style is fast HC influenced with beer, pirates and Russian mentality" (Label info). Neuro Empire / Bruised Knuckles 2011)


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