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Murder City Wrecks - Get wrecked CD

Réf produit: 032431713426

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(Satter Detroit Streetpunk um den einstigen FOCKE WULF-Sänger. Motor City-typisch mit dreckiger Rock`n`Roll-Kante. GMM. 1997)

(Motor city streetpunk`n`roll, snooty and dirty. Feat. Paul (ex-FOCKE WULF) on vocals. GMM. 1997)

1 All Used Up
2 Everything Is A Drag
3 Stuck On You
4 Lincoln
5 Get Wrecked
6 Ringin` In My Head
7 What Can I Do
8 You Can`t Take It
9 State Of No Control
10 You Kill Me
11 Torn Apart

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