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Prowlers,The "Hair today, gone tomorrow" LP (lim. 500)

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(Das Debüt-Release der Montreal-Glatzen, ursprünglich 2001 CD-only erschienen. "Hair today, gone tomorrow" enthält 12 unpolierte Brickwall-Stomper, darunter zwei Cover-Versionen von The Oppressed und Gassenhauer. Raw & kickin`! Limitiert auf 500 Exemplare. Mad Butcher 2012)

(The debut strike by the Montreal based Oi! Boys, originally released as CD only in 2001. Contains 12 pure hard hattin` Bootboy stomper, incl. cover versions of Oppressed and Gassenhauer. Limited to 500 copies. Mad Butcher 2012)

1. We come out first
2. Tonight Tonight
3. We won´t back down (Real)
4. We´re taking back the Pubs
5. Joe Hawkins
6. Lost Cause
7. In Memory
8. Easy Target
9. Smash them up
10. New Breed
11. Hard Times
12. Drunken Skinhead

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