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Peacocks "Touch and go" CD

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12,90 €

Prêt à être expédié
(Die bereits 5. Scheibe der Punk / Rockabilly / Psychobilly / Band. Ziemlich Punkig und energetisch, klasse was die 3 Herren mit Gitarre Standbass und Drum da zaubern. PLY 2007)

1. Sex and Drugs and Rocks through your window
2. Work with you
3. Gimme More
4. Tape Girls
5. Zurich is a Cocaine Town
6. Don`t know too much about it
7. I don`t care
8. Want/Need/Afford
9. That will never do
10. Not at home
11. Slow down
12. Kind word don`t butter too many spuds
13. Leave me alone
14. Secret Club
15. Bathroom
16. Next room sleeping
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