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Only Attitude Counts "20 Years Of Attitude" DoCD (DigiPac)

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(Comeback-Album der wiederformierten Vienna-Crew mit 11 neuen Tracks, auf der zweiten CD sind 10 neu-aufgenommene OAC Klassiker aus alten Tagen ("Police on your ass", "Filthy ways" etc., ausgewählt von den Fans, gestartet wird bei der 1995er "We stand as one" MCD). Fetter NYHC/Metal-Sound im Sinn von AF/MAdball/Rykers etc. Kommt im DigiPac mit edlem Artwork in 1000er Auflage. WTF 2013)

(Comeback album by the Vienna crew with 11 new tracks and 10 re-recorded classics from the old days ("Police on your ass", "Filthy ways" etc., voted by fans). Massive NYHC/metal sound in the sense of AF / Madball / Rykers etc. Comes in DigiPac with fine artwork in 1000 edition. WTF 2013)

1 Stand Opposed
2 Dead End Day (Zombie Walk)
3 The World Today
4 The Worst Is Yet To Come
5 Trapped In Time
6 Won`t Change Me
7 Por Vida (The Better Side)
8 Our Vision
9 Every Single Word
10 Return of the Attitude

CD2 (re-recordings)
1 Return The Favour (2006)
2 Like A Family (1996)
3 Never Accept Defeat (2003)
4 Filthy Ways (1999)
5 Make Amends (2008)
6 Right Now/Right Here (2006)
7 Thief (Forgotten Ideals) (1999)
8 Police On Our Ass (2001)
9 The Real Deal (1996)
10 We Stand As One (1995)

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