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Old Firm Casuals,The "For the love of it all" CD

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(Überfällige Collection mit (fast) allen OFC-Releases (die erste 7" fehlt), insgesamt 24 remastered Tracks. Souveräner U.S. Oi!/Streetpunk nach alter UK-Tradition und mit Americana R`n`R-Kante versehen, sehr professionell und gekonnt gespielt. Last Resort meets Reducers/Workin`Stiffs/Toughskins. Vinyl-Version kommt im nobel gestalteten Klappcover mit Download-Code, CD im 6-fach ausklappbaren DigiPac Sleeve. Randale 2013)

(Now finally the Collection album with (almost) all previously 7" releases by the Old Firm Casuals. 24 remastered tracks of finest SF Street punk build with UK Oi! and America R`n`R. Last Resort meets Reducers/Workin`Stiffs/Toughskins. Very professional stuff, catchy and tight. Vinyl version w/ gatefold sleeve & download code, CD version with 6 panel DigiPac sleeve. Randale 2013)

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