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split City Saints / Old Fashioned Ideas "same" EP (patches, DL code, blue lim. 100)

Réf produit: SOTS165-1

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Swedish Oi! Double Impact! 4 exclusive, brand new tracks made in Sweden are on the agenda, two (english sung) tracks by each band. The CITY SAINTS deliver the original composition "United We Stand" and a well done cover of the eternal lawbreakers evergreen "I Fought The Law". Originally a Sonny Curtis (THE CRICKETS) number from the wild 60`s, known thru the versions of BOBBY FULLER FOUR, THE CLASH, DEAD KENNEDYS and Mike Ness. The CITY SAINTS respect the original tune, just added a decent RAMONES Turbo. The Opener, “United we stand“, set, as Celtic broadside (Celtic Street Rock`n`Roll?) every Pub on fire! A melodic and haunting "One for All, All for One" Unity anthem for all "Blue Collar Brothers". OFI hold hard against it: "Above & Beyond" is a massive up-tempo smasher, UK`82 style in the way of EXPLOITED meets grim Swedish Oi!sters like AGENT BULLDOGG & Co. Song # 2, „Oi! ain’t dead“, give us a ragin’ Singalong attack and a harsh statement: „Oi! aint dead ... But you`re trying to kill it!“ With such bands/Songs, there’s no reason for worry.
First limited edition to 300 copies only in 2 different cover artworks: 100x blue and 200x red cover, hand numbered, with download code and 2 embroiderred patches, each the band logo.
A - City Saints
1.) United we stand
2.) I fought the law
B - Old Fashioned Ideas
3.) Above and beyond
4.) Oi! ain`t dead
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