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West Lords "same" 7" (blue, lim. 200, DL Code)

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“Smash the oppressors, end brutality, why intimate us, It`s all ACAB". West Coast Hooligan Trouble! With the WEST LORDS from Sacramento, California, we have another heavyweight on our label. In 2014, the band gave a remarkable debut with their 5-song demo CD, unfortunately in good old Europe almost unnoticed. Too bad. The four NorCal Trouble makers favor their Oi! in a highly compact Brute-playing style, mixed with a dash of Old school Hardcore and a thick, mean `70s rock edge. Fits perfect to the HAMMER AND THE NAILS stuff (released on Split with the BUTCHER BOYS in December 2013): Ultra-bold, sharp-edged concrete riffs (with the precision of a jigsaw), very angry Grizzly style vocals and Killer Songalongs straight from the cell block.

Two exclusive songs, recorded for us in the summer of 2015: „ACAB“ and "Outlaws live forever". It’s about Cops and Football (Soccer, not American Football!), you have been warned! 

The first edition is in black vinyl only, but 100 red colored artwork und 200 blue colored artwork.



1.) Outlaws live forever

2.) A.C.A.B.


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