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split S.S.S.P. / No Resistance "same" EP 7" (orange)

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(Nach längerer Veröffentlichungs-Pause wieder brandneues Material von Skinheads Still Scare People, dem NYHC meets Oi!-Projekt von Mike (ex-Sheer Terror, KYI) & Vinnie (ex-Warzone, Kickstarts etc.), inklusive einem wuchtigen Blitz-Cover ("Someone`s gonna die"). No Resistance aus Texas kontern mit zwei smarten UK`79 Melodic-Fightern: Early Templars meets early Misfits meets early Jam. Limitierte Auflage in farbigem Vinyl und Hooligan-Artwork. Koi 2010)

(Hammering Double package with 4 kickin` tracks! Very limited press on colored vinyl. "Houston`s own No Resistance knock heads with New York City`s SSSP on this amazing split 7"! No Resistance deliver up 2 tracks of their own melodic brand of late `70`s and early 80`s oi! spiced with old school `77 punk. After a long hiatus, Mike Delorenzo and Vinnie Value`s SSSP come stormin` back with some highly anticipated NYHC/Old school Oi! sounds that includes a Blitz cover!" (Label info). Koi 2010)


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